Who is Trustzone?

Trustzone works with digital security. They sell certifications to large as well as small companies and are the Nordic region's largest SSL / TLS supplier. Trustzone has a large number of partners to whom they provide crucial digital infrastructure. These include important encryption, authentication, and automatic management of the certificate lifecycle.


Corporate website in Wordpress

Trustzone needed a new website and our task was to create a modular website in Wordpress that reflects Trustzone's brand and digital identity. Trustzone wanted a simple website that is easy for visitors to navigate, but at the same time contains all the important information about what Trustzone delivers. In addition, the website should be cost-effective and have a nice design. In order to accommodate future maintenance, it was also a wish that the site was easy to access in terms of development.

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The solution

Trustzone's wishes were just to meet, so we developed a simple but effective corporate website in Wordpress. The website is built in modules, in a simple design but with nice details and a straightforward code, most people can take over the maintenance if desired. We stood for both backend and frontend and made a discreet responsive design that gives the page life.


Data import

Since Trustzone already had a website, we could use some data from the old site. Therefore, we made a partial data import that made our development work even more efficient, while preserving some key elements from Trustzone's previous site. The old data we made sure was essential, because it was still crucial that the new page was built up simply, and therefore did not have a mess of unused data lying around.

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