Who's The Athlete's Foot?

The Athlete's Foot is an American retail store that sells "atheltic street style" clothing and shoes. The Athlete's Foot has a wide range of goods, including clothes, accessories and especially sneakers. The chain has 560 stores in 30 different countries and a business-critical webshop.


Global brand and e-commerce solution

The Athlete's Foot has sales activities and customers all over the world. Therefore, it was essential for them to have a platform that brings together all the countries. Our task was to bring together the countries that did not have their own website solution under one platform. It was an important part of the task that the platform had the opportunity for integration into the different countries' ERP and e-commerce systems. Of course, it was also important that the various websites under the overall platform could be updated in the local languages ​​by the local content managers. The Athlete's Foot also wanted an integration into e-commerce and a global store-finder.

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The Athlete's Foot

The solution

We developed the global website for The Athlete's Foots headquarters in Switzerland at Sitecore. Throughout the development, we focused on coding simply but thoroughly, so future further development would be straightforward. We also focused on facilitating the implementation of multiple languages ​​across the platform so that all countries can easily add and modify their respective pages. We also developed and designed an integration for their e-commerce with the possibility of local adaptation in the local countries again.


Multilingual blog feature

We developed a blog for the whole platform. The blog made it possible for editors in individual The Athlete's Foot countries to post their own specific blog posts - in their own language. In addition, it allowed the central head office to publish blog posts that individual countries can easily reuse, as in Sitecore it is very user-friendly to copy the blog posts. Effective content creation.



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