Who is Dantherm?

Dantherm is a Danish company that sells energy-efficient climate solutions to customers all over the world. Dantherm is the market leader with their products that have two branches: electronics cooling for the telecommunications industry and climate control for both private and professional, mobile or stationary needs.


Corporate website for Dantherm

Dantherm needed a new website for their business. Our task was to develop and design a website that was targeted lead-generating. This was the primary task, but it was also important that the site could be expanded to more languages and easily edited across the languages, so that Dantherm could reach all its global customers. We should therefore develop a page that shows Dantherm's corporate brand and through both back and front end attracts more leads. It was also part of the task to develop a newsletter sign-up field as well as integrate into several different calculators on the page.

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The solution

We developed a page with a nice and direct product presentation as well as clear navigation, so that potential customers can easily get in touch with Dantherm. It was quickly a success, because it turned out that in view of the very high lead collection, a definite lead qualification was needed. That's why we developed an integration for Click Dimensions - read more about it below.


Integration with Click Dimensions

When we experienced a boom in lead generation, some form of qualification became necessary so that Dantherm could focus their sales efforts on the most relevant ones. That's why we integrated the platform with Click Dimensions - a CRM and Marketing Automation tool. Leads thus enter Dantherm's internal systems and are qualified and automatically distributed to the respective sales staff.

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