Who are Danpo and the Danish family farms?

Danpo is the largest company in Scandinavia that processes chicken. Part of Danpo's many products is their brand "De danske familiegårde", which sells whole chickens with high animal welfare. The Danish family farms have a large portfolio of goods and many products to offer their customers.


New campaign page

Danpo needed a brand new website for their campaign "De danske familiegårde". The site should reflect animal welfare throughout the process - from how the chickens are kept and bred to the product the consumer encounters in the supermarket. Our task was to develop a website that reflects the brand's identity: craftsmanship, tradition, rustic style combined with modern family farms, and good animal welfare. With much at heart, it was an important wish from Danpo that the website presents the information clearly and user-friendly, so that visitors can find what they are looking for, but can also be met with good stories.

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The solution

With a focus on the history and narrative around the Danish family farms, we have designed a website that exhibits the relevant and desired information in a modern design. The website is fully responsive, providing a dynamic experience for visitors. The bar at the top provides easy and clear navigation, and scrolling visitors down the page they will experience a delicious design with a focus on a visual narrative from the farms throughout.


Recipes for everyone

The Danish family farms have a huge database of recipes. We have developed it as an integration to the campaign side. It is possible to search by word or index in the recipes based on categories. The entire recipe page is kept in style with the rest of the campaign page and showcases quality, animal welfare, and authenticity in the love of good food. In the front-end development, we focused on overview and clarity - in addition to the brand identity.

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