The world of E-commerce is rapidly changing. We offer dynamic, easy-to-use webshops that guide customers along, from front page to checkout. Your site needs to accommodate the changing demographics of users and their needs. We’ll help you optimize your webshop for ease of mobile use and checkout speed - or whatever your specific customers need.

Customer Experience

Today, it's not about the price

The days of competitive prices as the driving force for success are long behind us. In today’s oversaturated market, you need a webshop that feels truly special: exciting to visit, easy and fun to use, fulfill your customers' needs, and present your products. Our developers have years of experience with designing webshops, which translates directly into positive customer experience. We use our years of CMS knowledge and UX know-how to make your webshop a success.

B2C Webshop

In a B2C Webshop, customers want a fast, no-thought experience. They want to see discounts and differentiated shipping. Users want to move quickly through the buying experience, and the design changes as a result.

B2B Webshop

The B2B Webshop is a bit slower-paced. Customers want to feel they’re building a relationship. The decision process is also longer and may be related to industry-specific inquiries. They may expect more care and more product information than in a B2C webshop.


Product Information Management

Products are growing faster and faster and meeting the customers' growing demands at a quicker-than-ever pace. Thus, a comprehensive PIM is essential for more companies than ever before - including you? If you have a large catalogue of products, you must have a great PIM to handle the information. A great PIM handles all your complex product information and delivers it effectively to your chosen channels.

Automation & integration

Your path to the ultimate efficiency.

Automation ensures that your webshop tracks the data you need, and that you are presented for important information. A part of this automation is also to set up and code integrations to your platforms and systems. That way you can optimize your work and become much more efficient. We help you integrate you webshop with various systems that leads to your greater efficiency. 


Our job is to help you win digital. As your agents in the digital world, we tailor-make the experience to fit your needs and your businesses’ needs. With a large portfolio of client work and many successfully designed websites, we make sure that we are as flexible in our work with you as your website is to suit the needs of your business. 

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Give all customers the same experience

The ways in which customers interact with online shopping is more multitudinous than ever: via mobile, desktop, chatbots, in store - the list goes on. Central to your webshop’s success is an omnichannel design, which ensures user experience remains consistent across all platforms and devices. We can help you develop a design that's comprehensive and always reflective of your brand.



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