Who are Danfoss and iC7?

Danfoss delivers energy-efficient and innovative solutions to many different customers and is one of the world's leading companies in their field. The iC7 campaign consists of two new computer drives. They optimize processes and increase the opportunities for better performance with lower energy consumption.


New campaign page for iC7

Danfoss needed a new campaign page to showcase their new products in the iC7 series. It was our task to develop a completely new page with a focus on technology and dynamics that would reflect and showcase the new top-profile products. In particular, it was crucial for Danfoss that the campaign page shows their innovative work, innovative identity and advanced technology. In addition, it was important that we developed the page so that it could be translated into several languages, and that the development of the new page did not leave old data from the old one that was important to include.

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The solution

We met all of Danfoss' wishes in the development of their new site. Responsive design and front-end development give the page the desired high-tech expression. The identity of the campaign shines through all the way down the front page and the design goes across the subpages. The information is presented dynamically and visually, and a multilingual function has been implemented. We have developed a page that clearly shows the campaign iC7 series, but which still exudes Danfoss's corporate style and design.


Movies and visual transitions

To give the site the dynamic feel that Danfoss wanted - and the product adds up to - we developed a site with strong visual elements. In particular, the way we have incorporated transitions down the entire page helps to create dynamism and in interaction with cinematic means, the page becomes almost alive. We have developed and designed a consistent visual identity that meets the client's wishes.

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