The Challenge

Corporate website on Umbraco CMS

This site corporate was developed as a way for the Icelandic fishery to inform current and potential clients about the company, their social corporate responsibility, products and much more. It also enables potential employees to apply directly through the website. The map of offices makes it possible to find the proper contact for anyone all across the globe.

Map of Locations and Offices

The map of locations enables the user to find the relevant contact information for any office in the world. The map is based on Google Maps and the office contact information and location can be edited in Umbraco

What we did

Our responsibilities

  • Frontend development
  • Responsive design
  • Implementation in Umbraco
  • Umbraco Cloud solution
  • Recruitment system integration
case-vsv.png VSV

How's the Weather?

The weather app integration shows the current weather in Iceland from AccuWeather. The integration uses AccuWeather's API to fetch the relevant icons and data. The app is always visible in the sidebar of the hero banner on the site